Honoring an Artist: Urn Ideas for Creative People

Choosing the perfect way to say goodbye is just one small part of the grieving process, but it is a meaningful experience all the same. Many families wish to tailor the funeral to reflect the life, legacy, and personality of the person they are laying to rest – a great starting point for any memorial ceremony.

This guide will focus on those artistic souls that made the world a better place through their creations. How can a family honor the legacy of somebody who contributed so much beauty to the world? This quick guide will provide a few ideas to begin with.

1. Carved Wooden Urns 

There are so many different types of carved urns. Urns carved by hand are often very expensive because they are 100% unique works of art, but well worth it. When it comes to handmade items, price tends to depend on the level of intricacy. Urns carved by a machine come with a much more reasonable price, and often look just as beautiful as the ones made in an artisan’s workshop. The only downside to machine-carved urns is that you cannot choose a completely custom design.

Layered wood urns are another interesting option to consider. These urns feature some type of neat three-dimensional artwork depending on the design that you choose. Artists that create these urns feed the design into a machine that uses a laser to cut various shapes, and when layered together, they create a rich scene or landscape. Wooden urns, in general, are a great way to honor the memory of somebody who loved working with the material.

2. Hand-Blown Glass Urns 

Much like the carved urns mentioned above, hand-blown glass urns are precious one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. Master glassblowers can spend hours on a single urn and every urn will be different from the next. There is an unlimited variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs out there – if you have a special request, most urn companies are more than willing to pass your specifications to the glassblower.

We love the gorgeous multicolored glass urns from Stardust. Each one is special. Each one will stand the test of time. Each urn starts as a ball of raw molten glass, rolled through colorful pigment glass then treated with high heat. The glassblower uses his or her own breath to shape the urn into its final form. This is a highly personalized process, worthy of an artist who truly loved the beauty and history of classic glassblowing techniques.

3. Eco-Friendly Urns 

Many artists take their inspiration from nature. Whether the person you are laying to rest loved poetry, painting, photography, writing, no matter the art form, there is a good chance that natural beauty served as a muse at some point or another. If the artist in your life loved nature and the creatures of the Earth, you might want to consider investing in an eco-friendly urn option to conserve those precious habitats.

Striving to choose an eco-friendly urn opens a whole world of potential options. You could choose a biodegradable urn (salt, clay, bamboo) or one made from environmentally friendly materials (look for renewable materials in particular). Or you could choose something unique, like a coral starter (an urn made of concrete that you drop into the ocean) or a tree urn (a clay urn that sprouts into a tree after being buried). There are just so many options.

4. General Personalization 

Sometimes honoring the memory of an artistic soul is much more difficult than simply choosing an urn that looks like it would fit in his or her sculpture collection. Sometimes you have to add that personal touch on your own to get the right effect. Most reputable urn manufacturers offer personalization services to help you complete your chosen urn.  You could ask for a pendant engraved with a line from a favorite poem, or add a small photograph of your loved one’s favorite thinking spot. Get creative and think outside the box – you could never run out of ideas.

Being able to choose an urn that your loved one would have adored is a good feeling, a much-needed silver lining to an otherwise heart-heavy occasion.  Always keep your eyes open for new ideas and inspiration; the perfect option is out there somewhere. Your artist would love whatever you choose, because it is coming from the heart after all.

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