Turn on the Charm – 24 Carat Gold Should do it!

Forgetting your partner’s anniversary…now we’ve all done it and if you haven’t done it then you certainly will do it sometime in your life.

The standard memory of a male is not something to write home about because if it’s not related to DIY, sports or the parts for a 1966 Cortina then the male brain is rendered useless. To the average male, monotonous tasks such as remembering dates, birthdays, reminders and the ultimate conundrum of the anniversary is something that just seems to slip the mind of the macho homosapien.

However, males have this uncanny power of creating marvellous excuses for the problem, or any problem for that matter. Golden oldies such as “Work’s had me side-tracked” or “Isn’t my love enough” are just a pinch of get-out-of-jail cards to escape the clutches of the seething female but sometimes it just doesn’t wash. The only celebration you get sent to “jail” for forgetting is the wedding/relationship anniversary.

Now, the way to look at it is that it’s not the end of world, because when you at least expect it, usually after a few days of arguing about “you don’t really love me” and “do I mean nothing to you” the male spontaneously will turn up with a surprise box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers from a petrol station. Seems pathetic, but he means well.

Women love celebrating the kindling of love and have this habit of going out to the same fancy restaurant and ordering the same meal via candle-lit dinner, watching a cheesy film about romance, probably starring a hapless romantic British actor and then returning home for the night. That to them can be described as the perfect anniversary celebration and the man ultimately agrees with this proposition because it makes his partner happy.

Should you forget this ritual, then you’re unfortunately out of luck because your partner will hold this against you until death do you part. Little cheeky reminders every now and then to guilt-trip you into treating her and when you refuse to do something, a reference to that “unforgettable, unforgiveable” mistake. So, in order to avoid this, but should you forget it – then jewellery is the answer.

Jewellery is the most expensive but the greatest escape for a man. An “emergency” trip to the jewellers to pick out the most sparkly, glittery thing that a woman can wear to express his love for a woman that man only knows how is a win-win situation. Earrings, for example, are a way of saying that she’s worth every penny he spends on her and that she deserves to sparkle.

A necklace is the route to a woman’s heart, as the pendant on the end of it means the world to her. A special jewel or a birthstone, for example, maximises her esteem and makes her feel a million pounds. It may not be a total escape route, but it might just quicken the process of forgiving you for forgetting this memorable day; well to her anyway.

So a word of warning – don’t mess up. Avoid falling into the trap of putting a reminder on your phone or sticking a memo onto your desk because you will forget. Just make sure that you give yourself enough time to think and purchase a thoughtful gift so that you can both have a peaceful anniversary without the trouble of an argument rising. Relationships may be complex and may need a lot of commitment, not to mention a large amount of patience but if done the right way it can become a very successful partnership. They’ll be disputes and arguments about silly things that can be worked out but that is all natural. Humans have evolved to solve extremely complex situations and equations so an argument is nothing, and a gift of apology is just icing on the cake in terms of an apology.

Make sure you kick-start your New Year in the right way with a range of Valentine’s Day gifts for her online. Remember, should you forget the day; then there is no worry, because it’s a wide world out there with at least something that your partner would appreciate for a gift for a very special day.

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