Celebrities with Shaved Hairstyles

You may have noticed a recent trend of women shaving sections of their head all in the name of fashion. This type of hairstyle coincides with more women than ever getting tattoos and whether this is your style or not, just out of curiosity we’ve compiled a selection of celebrities with this edgy look.

Miley Cyrus chopped of her long locks back in November 2012, she has recently said earlier this week that she misses her long hair and is now planning to grow it back. Maybe her recent  shock haircut has lost it’s impact and it’s time to create a new brand Miley. Whatever the reason Miley is currently the champion of this short rock hair style as she has experienced a recent popularity surge with her new hit single.  This hairstyle with both sides of the head shaved and with short hair on top has also been known as the “Pixie Haircut” and is certainly a daring look that cannot be covered up.

Pink has also adopted the “Pixie Haircut” and both Pink and Miley Cyrus are currently dubbed “the hair twins” and have even been seen at the same events sporting the same look. Pink is in fact one of the originators of the Buzzed hair look and has fashioned many different versions, nowadays her hair is often blonde, it’s a shame we haven’t seen some of her Pink Hair styles for a while.

Avril Lavigne has also had quite a few different shaved looks, here she can be seen with an exposed shaved side, effectively this is an undercut that can be covered up so that you can keep it hidden whenever you need.  Also, when you wish to grow your shaved hair out again it be blended into your longer length hair quite quickly.

Keesha has a slightly more natural looking shaved side, the hair is even long enough for some highlights. It’s quite original how she has kept the side burn!

Selma Blair has been seen with short bob hair for many years. Here she has added a modern edgy look for her bob by adding a modest and low shaved side. Still a daring look it does suit her and looks more classy than punky.

Rihanna seems to change her hairstyle every other week and it’ amazing how she can dramatically change the lengths of her hair so quickly! Here’s a very dramatic contrast between a shaved side and long hair. It does look quite beautiful with big curls and a nice job on the highlights.

Rihanna is probably the queen of the Buzzed hairstyle and has probably had every different type imaginable. Here’s one of her typical short Buzzed Hairstyles that seems to be one of Rihanna’s more regular looks.


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