Which Type Of Jumper Is For Me?

The sun may be making a brief appearance at the moment, but it’ll soon be back to the cold for us Brits. Unlike our transatlantic neighbours over in America, we get about two weeks of summer weather and then it’s back to incessant drizzle and constant cloud cover. Don’t fret though – there’s no reason why you can’t look just as good in cashmere cardigans and chunky knits as you do in beach shorts and barely there tees.


We’re barely halfway through the year and already the humble jumper is making a comeback. The eBay guide to jumpers points out that it’s the kind of fashion staple that few people actively go out and shop for. There’s always an old one lying dormant at the back of the wardrobe if necessary. It’s a real shame though – men’s jumpers are not only a fashion staple, they’re a fashion revelation when worn right. Here’s a guide to choosing the perfect jumper. Follow these steps and you’ll soon be turning heads in your new knitwear.

Classic Crew

This is so much more than your bog standard jumper, though it is one of the most commonly worn styles of knitwear. The classic crew is traditional and simplistic. It has minimal detailing, is extremely comfortable to wear and can be teamed with almost anything, says Men’s Health magazine. The popularity of crew neck jumpers is down to their casual nature – you really don’t have to put too much thought into your look when wearing one. On warmer days, wear a wool or cashmere crew jumper with nothing underneath. When it’s chilly, throw a leather jacket on top or wear a collared shirt. Remember that layering is to fashion what cheese is to toasted bread – bloody marvellous. 


If you feel like jumpers are a bit too restrictive – why not experiment with cardigans? Not everybody likes the ‘over the head look,’ some people prefer to wear their clothes a little looser. Cardigans also allow for more layering opportunities than jumpers do, especially if they have a very wide neckline, says RealMenRealStyle.com journalist Antonio Centeno. Cardigans with scoop necklines are a great way to showcase a new tailored shirt or tee. Add a skinny tie and you’ve got a smart casual look that can be worn during the daytime and on a night out.

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests tend to get a bad rap these days. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, they were favoured by computer programmers and high school English teachers – geeks in other words. Think Bill Gates and you’re on the right track. However, the humble sweater vest has evolved since then. They’re perfect for a British summer – a sweater vest will keep you warm when it’s chilly but won’t suffocate you when the sun comes out. Team a sweater vest with a fitted shirt and a bomber jacket for a look that’s wonderfully quirky.

Hoodie Hybrids

There are a lot of great hoodie hybrids on the market right now – they tend to be very popular with skaters and fans of street wear. The hoodie hybrid is not quite a jumper, not quite a hoodie. It’s got a lot more shape and it fits more snugly than a hoodie, but it does have a hood. It’s got the tailored look and versatility of a conventional sweater, but it’s more lightweight and more practical. Hoodie hybrids look great with well fitting jeans and printed tees.

Choosing a high quality, well fitting jumper doesn’t have to be a chore. As long as you know what you’re looking for, it won’t take long for the right one to catch your eye. Wear it with pride. 

Keira Rose is a men’s fashion blogger. Sh’e recommends TheOfficer’s Club for a great selection of men’s jumpers. Keira can be found checking out the latest trends and blogging about what’s hot and what’s not.

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