Various Types of Jeans for Men to Flaunt their Style Statement

Nobody wants to showcase the same old boring look every day. All your friends and colleagues would like to see in a totally new look, which is completely mesmerizing. Wearing jeans instead of pants or trousers can really enhance your personality. Be it summer or winter, your jeans can be your best friend throughout the year.

Moreover, it gives you a youthful and attractive look, so you don’t have to work hard to impress others, when you can do it by simply looking good. If you are planning to buy jeans then there are certain things you should keep in mind. One wrong decision of picking unfit jeans would degrade your elegance. Another important thing is that you should be completely comfortable in the outfit you wear. If you are comfortable, only then you will be able to carry yourself with utmost comfort. Basically, there are four different kinds of jeans and they are:

Loose jeans

Loose jeans:

If you are planning to wear T-shirts then this is the perfect match for it. This would give you a very cool and funky look. You will stay very relaxed while wearing them because they are highly comfortable. Whenever, you plan to go out with friends then this should be your first option.


These kinds of jeans look perfect on strong and well-built men. These are mainly casual type and can be worn in order to look smart and elegant. Its maintenance is very easy. You can give it to laundry and then wear them again and again.

Carpenter Jeans


You should wear baggy only if you have perfect physique. If you are skinny then this type of jeans won’t look great on you. You can wear these jeans on casual outings with friends and family. Boot Cut is the most popular kind of jeans.

These can be worn anywhere, be it parties, marriages, official occasions etc. The best thing about it is that everyone can wear it, irrespective of their body structure. They also go great with the CP Company Jacket, and you will look absolutely stunning with that combination.

Baggy jeans

After knowing your perfect style, there are some jeans in the market, which you should avoid wearing. Like- loose jeans, high waist mom jeans, low riders, extremely skinny jeans, wrong lengths and never go for bright colors in denims. These are some fashion blunders from which you should stay away, only then you will be able to make a style statement and look amazing all the time.

Some of the jeans are really old fashioned and you should avoid wearing them. Try to stay connected with the latest trends of jeans. Your style can become the topic of discussion for everyone provided you pay special attention to it. So stop wearing those old and boring pants when you have the option to be funky and cool.

Go ahead and buy your favorite jeans. Stay stylish with your jeans and showoff your personality. Looks may be deceptive but you never know who would fall for your looks at any moment.

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