Is grey the new shade for the season? – What has Fall brought in grey shades?

IWhat is new for men’s fashion for Fall 2013? Well, there are many things that have newly emerged in the market to keep men in fashion. Although, colors are restricted for men, yet there are certain colors that rule the fashion world for every season. What is the dominating shade for this season? Black has been the ruling shade for many seasons. Now, grey has taken over its trend for Fall .

What are different varieties men can try in grey shades?

Houndstooth Plaid Suit

The grey color houndstooth plaid suit portrays dip-dyed edges showcasing a vintage feel and look. Coupled with a pork pie hat and fingerless gloves will add style to the entire look. This is the best example of urban chic brought up by the luxurious brand – the Iceberg.

Grey Overcoat Looks Very Elegant for the Fall

Dark Grey Overcoat

The dark grey colored double-breasted overcoat gives a modern and sleek appearance with hidden buttons. If you choose the classic silhouette, you can wear it for several years. Pair up this overcoat with black trouser and one crisp white color dress shirt and it will look just fantastic!

Grey Briefcase

Why only dresses and coats, there are accessories also in this same shade. The popular Ferragamo has introduced grey colored leather goods for the fall collection. A slim briefcase with your formal wear will look trendy and beautiful pertaining to this season’s trend.

A Modified Version of Peacoat

You must be familiar with the traditional peacoat but this peacoat is something new. It is a refreshed version over the traditional one. This is a new creation of the English designer, John Richmond. The new peacoat is increased in height having zipped chest pockets and also hidden buttons on one of its sides. This will be giving a new look with the conventional outfit.

Single Breast Pinstriped Suit

Cropped suit jackets were in fashion for quite some time in fashionable collections. For this Fall, the latest single-breasted pinstriped suit is being launched. This will give you a retro look in suits. You don’t have to care if your fashion diverts from the current trend.

Grey Ensemble

Calvin Klein is the master of men’s fashion that discovers classic but modern silhouettes. For this season also, they have come up with hidden button overcoat. What makes this overcoat more interesting to the generation is its weave texture. Under this coat you can wear white shirt or a paler variety of grey sweater and dark shade of grey trousers. This will be a fashionable yet sophisticated ensemble for you.

Modern Parka

Do you live in a stormy and rugged climate? Do you still wish to be in fashion in such a climate? Here is the option for you. A parka can be a wonderful option for you. This parka is a wonderful blend of function and form perfectly.

You can try any of these fashion trends for Fall  Each of the fashion outfit is trendy and modern. You can have a chic look with wearing an overcoat or a parka or carrying a briefcase with you.

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