The Five-Minute Buyer’s Guide to Polarized Sunglasses

Always popular, polarized sunglasses help to relieve the eyes without darkening your surroundings. These specialized lenses work by blocking all light that bounces off a horizontal surface – only vertically aligned light passes through.

Polarized sunglasses improve visibility in fog and rain by cutting reflected light, reducing eyestrain in snowy terrain and sandy terrain as well. Fishing enthusiasts use them to peer through choppy water and drivers use them to block distracting sources of glare.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that polarized sunglasses are often so expensive and why so many brands advertise polarization features that they simply do not have. This quick guide will help you choose to pair of authentic polarized lenses so you can be sure you’re getting the quality you paid for.

Construction / Polarization Type

The cheapest polarized sunglasses have a little layer of protective film sandwiched between two lenses and attached with adhesive. This process reduces visual clarity – do not pay too much for a pair built like this. On higher end sunglasses, manufacturers fuse the polarization filter to the lens while both are still in a liquid state. This seamless construction quality improves clarity and helps to retain better peripheral vision.

The One-Minute In-Store Test

The label does not always tell the whole story. Do you want to make sure that your polarized lenses are truly polarized? There is one quick and easy test you can perform to identify polarized lenses instantly: simply look at any reflective surface through the glasses, and you should see the reflection drop away to reveal a clearer picture.

You can tackle a whole rack of sunglasses by choosing one pair that you know is polarized and looking through them sideways – the polarized sunglasses in the group should appear blackened. Polarized sunglasses only allow vertically polarized light so combining them with a second, sideways pair should block all of the light, both horizontal and vertical.

Important Secondary Features

Not all polarized sunglasses are equal. You should still hold them to the same standards you would use to judge any other pair of designer sunglasses. Make sure that your chosen pair blocks 100% UV rays and boasts a reliable shatterproof design. The safety of your eyes is still just as important as ever.

Try to tailor your sunglasses to your intended usage situation. If you want polarized lenses for daily driving, you’ll want a light brown or gray tint to preserve color contrast and accuracy. Make sure that your frames offer enough room for excellent peripheral vision if you plan to drive or bike around town, and look glasses with transitional tint if you need versatility in a variety of situations.

Are you still having trouble finding the right pair? Take some time to browse the 8wake collection for high quality sunglasses with true polarization at affordable prices – you just might find something that catches your attention.

Get excited! Polarized lenses will truly change the way you look at the world. Whether you need a pair of sunglasses for driving, sporting, biking, or just every day wearing, polarization can make all the difference. Your eyes will appreciate the investment. 

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