Three Things That Are Better Tailor Made

In the technologically advanced age we live in it is important to retain a sense of the unique and the personal. The rise of consumerism has resulted in the mass proliferation of identikit goods that can be seen everywhere you turn your head. Just think about how many of your friends own an iPhone or a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Nowadays it can be quite difficult to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd, and owning something truly unique can be a rare occurrence. If you are looking for an alternative to the constant stream of big name brands that flood the market you can consider getting your goods made to your requirements by luxury brands that specialize in tailor made craft. Here are three types of tailor made craft that are guaranteed to enrich your life and make you feel like a seriously sophisticated individual.


Art is such a prized and unique part of our culture because of the fact that every person perceives works of art in different ways. Rather than spending money on a cheap print or a ridiculously expensive piece by a famous artist, you might consider starting from the ground up and commissioning a piece of art that will reflect your interests, emotions or surroundings. There are a number of classically-trained artists in the UK who will undertake commissioned portraits as well as other types of painting. A portrait can make for a great gift idea, or you could commission a painting of a specific landscape that holds some special meaning.


Similarly, tailor-made furniture and decorations can bestow your home with a deeply personal quality. Buying flat-pack furniture is all well and good for broke students and twenty somethings, but most people will reach a stage in their lives when they want to add a refined touch to their home. Working with a designer will allow you to take an active part in the creation of your furnishings, from choosing your own materials to establishing a size and shape that will fit perfectly within a specific room. Many designers work with craftsmen who have access to the finest local materials. This is a brilliant solution for city dwellers who wish to bring some authentic rustic charm to an urban environment.


People usually choose tailor-made clothes when an extraordinary occasion demands for it. Every man should own at least one tailor made suit to be worn for business meetings or special occasions of all kinds. Many men will usually forego tailoring in favour of going to the nearest high-end store and spending money on an expensive suit. For the same amount of money or less you can personalise your suit from the ground up, starting with picking the right material to choosing a shape and style that match your requirements. If you really want to stand out from the crowd you can always add some personal touches such as specific buttons or pockets.

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