Put Some Glam Into Your Office Life

Is your office feeling a little tired this summer? Do you arrive at work and fail to feel inspired like you used to? Do you want to perk up your environment but aren’t quite sure where to start? You’ll be pleased to know that putting a little vim and vigour into your office doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult . It can as simple as investing in a few new accessories, a few timeless and stylish products that’ll reinvigorate your passion and ensure that you look good whilst you work.

It doesn’t matter whether you work for a big company or you have your own office at home, there are some simple, inexpensive ways in which you can put some glam into your work life. Here’s a guide to some of the things that you can invest in that will make any job feel glamorous. Are you worth it? Yes, you absolutely are and don’t you forget it.

Personalised Address Books

If you’ve got a lot of clients or contacts to keep in touch with – why not invest in a personalised address book or notebook? There are thousands of different varieties out there. If you work in an office alongside a lot of other people, you should think about getting a notebook with your name on the front. That way, it’ll never get mixed up with anybody else’s and if it does go wandering, it’ll be found right away. Personalised stationery can be a great idea for those who work from home too, says RealSimple.com. It gives an office a sense of personality, it imbues it with your energy and your unique character. When you step into our office, you need to know that it belongs to you – it’s not where the kids play hide and seek or where your husband puts the dry cleaning – it’s your work space.

Bespoke Pens

A bespoke pen might be a luxury but it’s a luxury that can make all the difference to a high flying business woman who’s used to feeling powerful and glamorous at all times of the day. There are various kinds of bespoke pens on the market these days, but the most precious tend to be those encrusted gold and silver crystals pens. They’re luxury, one off products that make any office or work environment look glamorous, says Gotham magazine journalist Amy Evans. They can be used on a regular basis or they can be kept for special occasions. Getting ready to sign the most important business deal of your career – get the luxury pen out and seal the deal with a little pizzazz.

Engraved Business Card Holders

Is there anything quite as elegant as an engraved business card case or holder? They just ooze sophistication and elegance – if you pull out a business card holder with your name on it, a potential client is going to know that you care about what you do. He or she is going to recognise the pride that you feel for your work and they’re going to admire this – that’s not to mention how good it’ll make you feel.

Designer Handbags & Totes

It makes sense to think that if you feel good once you’re at the office, you should feel good whilst travelling to it as well. Investing in a super stylish satchel or tote bag can be a great way to boost your confidence and make sure that you’re always carrying what you need to be carrying. Make sure to pick up a bag with lots of room and lots of pockets – make it even more spacious if you have to carry a laptop to work and back, advises Yahoo Voices journalist Lizanne Nolan. There should be enough room for your work equipment and for a change of clothes and a quick make up session after work on a Friday evening – that way, you can hit the bar even sooner and look good whilst doing it.

Keira Rose is a business consultant and a mother of two. She gets her bespoke, crystal pens from Glam Confidential. Keira believes that it is important to separate your home life from your work life and to treat yourself to a few glam gifts every now and then.

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