The Most Popular European Destination Wedding Locations

In recent years, the idea of a destination wedding is becoming more and more popular. Traditionally, many couples would be married in their home town or in their local church – close to all of their friends and family. However, recently many couples are choosing to make their ceremony an intimate one on a beautiful tropical beach or in a historic European city.

The Rise in Popularity of the Destination Wedding

What is the reason why destination weddings have been so popular lately? One of the main reasons is because the bride and groom have been struck with wanderlust. They dream of saying their vows in a beautiful and exotic location while sharing the experience with their closest family and friends.

Another reason so many are choosing a destination wedding is because the planning is so much easier. Also, destination weddings can be cheaper because they include fewer guests – therefore cheaper prices for food and alcohol.

Also, couples who plan a destination wedding will be able to head straight out on their honeymoon as soon as they are married – as they will already be there!

Top Locations for Destination Weddings in Europe

What are some of the most popular locations for a destination wedding in Europe? Here are a few favourites:

Santorini, Greece

This beautiful Greek Island is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world and it is ideal for a destination wedding. With tranquil turquoise waters, a warm Mediterranean climate and elegant white-washed architecture, you will have a superb background for all of your wedding photos.

Prague, Czech Republic

Full of romantic fairy tale castles and elaborate and elegant architecture – as well as plenty of fascinating art , culture and history – Prague is a beautiful city in which to have your wedding.

Vienna, Austria

There is nowhere quite like Vienna when it comes to romance, elegance and over the top decadence. The architecture and the décor of Vienna’s old buildings is somewhat like a wedding cake, multi-layered, over the top and delightful. You could even arrive at your wedding venue in an opulent horse and carriage.

Paris, France

Imagine saying “I Do” in sight of the Eiffel tower? Paris is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world and the “City of Light” is a very popular European destination wedding location. Also, the French food that you will be able to enjoy with your reception is sure to be absolutely divine.

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