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Fidget Cube Slategray ame Ye Su s mind has become a slander to please. The girl can breathe smoothly after a few mouthfuls of breath, she is tantamount to go away from the ghost gate, if Ye Su did not appear here, she may now have died. What is your name Really thank you, my name is Dong Jiali. The girl was holding the feeling of warm, very comfortable, like in the warm sunshine. She seems to think of what, cheeks reddish, see the hospital dry people dry mouth. fidget cube slategray They act so fast is also no girl is too beautiful reason. Ye Si see the girl has been good put her down, and then went straight out with his sister, hit a fidget cube slategray car and left. Dong Jiali chase out when people have gone, she could not help some sense of loss. Chapter 003 in distress Brother, you become so powerful ah Before I do not know how you will save the disease to save people Ye Qianwen tilted his head looked at the leaves of Su, Ye Su Ne a laughed, did not talk on this topic, do not say dead Once it will be powerful Half an hour after the taxi out of the suburbs, the smoke began to scarce, the environment has become dirty, the last fidget cube backer design car in a small hotel door to stop. Ye Qianwen paid the fare, and then bounce off to the hotel to fidget cube store run. Ye Su received some of the former memory, know that this is their own home. He went to the third floor with his sister, and then see a woman is secretly wiping tears, it is Yusu s mother. Ye Qianwen saw the woman secretly crying, flew up and said Mom, fidget cube lightsteelblue brother and survived, you do not have to sad. You child, do nonsense. The woman muttered in his mouth, fidget cube slategray and then casually looked at the direction of the door, suddenly stunned. And then rushed over to catch the hands of Ye Su, ask this question that. Her tears flow more and more, is clearly cried. Come back like, come back like. The woman asked to talk about this sentence, and then want to drink leaves to drink leaves. Ye Su naturally refused to own hands down three cups, one cup. Ye Su looked at the environment at home pondered a lot, it seems as soon as possible to find a way to earn some money. When the move to the city to live, where the environment is really bad. He is never a fidget cube slategray person who is aggrieved, naturally also pay great attention to quality of life. At noon to eat you go to school classes, no matter what can not delay the study. Venus Hill said at the busy side, brother and sister quickly heard the sound of the two. After eating a sumptuous lunch, Ye Su and Ye Qianwen to take good things to wait for the bus

d even strongly recommended ICBC, Ye Su humiliation she is also equal. China s national conditions is the provisions of the dead, people are alive, if Ye Su opened a luxury sports car over the situation is certainly not the same. I still have to do VIP cards here today. Ye Su said that if where to buy fidget toys the beauty manager did not call him, there is no such thing. Ye Su is a good face of the people, he did not want to do and others do not let two things. Beauty manager standing next to not speak, nor ridicule Ye Su ignorant, but looked coldly, waiting for Ye Su can not look at his joke. Ye Su took the phone, dialed a number, said I am in the antiques Street side of the ICBC, immediately sent me to send 150,000 dollars, cash or checks will do. Ye Su, why are you so much money to rent a house Dong Jiali see the atmosphere stiff no words to find words, beauty manager heard relieved, it seems that the other is not rich second generation, at best, only a nouveau riche. She apologized, then Shi Shi ran away, apparently do not want to waste time in the Soviet Union. Or we also go Dong fidget cube peachpuff Jiali with his elbow to push the leaves of fidget cube slategray the Soviet Union, his eyes oblique beauty manager, that means that people are gone, do not play again. Do you think I m just bluffing If someone is really someone to send money over how to say fidget cube retail price Ye Su glanced Dong Jiali a look, she picked her appearance. If it is true, I can promise you a condition Dong Jiali obviously do not believe. And then added the sentence, any conditions are OK fidget cube at target Oh, is it Ye Su deliberately with satyr s eyes from top to bottom will be looked at the tripod Teng Jia Li times. Dong Jiali Although some shame, but still head held high, she did not mind being Yusu eyes to eat tofu. Two people waiting for nearly ten minutes, beauty manager also deliberately came over a few times during the time to see the leaves of the lively, her eyes have a deep mockery. She has concluded that Ye Su is in the treasure, delay time, lost no face. Ye Su and some impatient, is preparing to call a reminder of a reminder when a middle aged man appeared in the glass door, see Ye Su quickly came over, almost hit the glass door. Come to the sun is long, his little hands pinch in the hands of Ye Su, just he is and little secret flirt, received the phone after the Soviet Union soon after the arms of a push, open the safe out of 150,000 yuan, now Ye Su s words and the same as the imperial edict. How are you so late Ye Su said displeasure. S.y people doing business, although now is the evening, but the colored lights according to the colorful, exceptionally nice. Ye Su from the ring out of the military coat, to the two women to wear. Wang Meng is stretched his hand to wait, spoiled taste full. And Ye Qianwen is taken over, put on their own, so close to the action she can not do it. Two people are very exquisite, put on such a heavy dress suddenly what the curve was gone. But do not wear nor the line, because the top of the hill than the foot of the low five or six degrees, there are winds, and now is the coldest day of the day. Surrounded by a big circle after the two women are some lack, Ye Su will rent a tent. He will not get, the three refused to help the store to study a little quickly set up, fidget cube slategray and this self sufficiency of satisfaction to the two women is screaming a few times. The fun of travel is unknown. Ye Su rent is a medium sized tents, three people go after more than a lot of space, the floor is the plastic mat, and then pad on the military coat is not cold. You sleep for a while, the sunrise when I call you. Ye Su said, two well behaved place nodded, fell down and sleep. They have never had this experience, some fresh, and sometimes sleep. Ye Su sit cross legged, come up with a book to see, this is a history book. Some people say that a famous offical fidget cube family must first understand its history, these words are good, but Ye Su is more scared more scared. Most of the ancient mythical era of the story can not test, Ye Su is also holding the story to read the mentality of reading. But to the Qin Dynasty, Ye Su found a tricky, the Great Wall is actually a dragon, fidget cube slategray and the terracotta warriors and horses is someone in the refining Yin Bing attempt to longevity. Ye Su already know that there are practitioners in this world, combined with historical data is indeed no fidget cube slategray doubt Then Nu Wa Sky, Journey to the West, these are not it Ye Su even do not want to admit it, his mood changed some heavy. Two women looked at him seriously read the way has fallen asleep, Wang Meng is a mouthful of flowing a crystal saliva, she wiped like a baby, sleep very sweet. Ye Su looked at the two, heavy heart is also a lot easier, they are the purpose of his struggle, he does not allow anyone to hurt them. At this point, Ye Su heard not far from the flute sound. The so called word as its people, the music also has this magic, Ye Su from the flute heard in vain, sad. He did not hear this sad song for.

Fidget Cube Slategray comfortable to listen to, like two pieces of glass friction produced the same. I am out of a million. Ye Su had to fidget cube slategray fidget cube slategray increase the price, he will not allow that picture next to the side. Heipao people surprised to see Ye Su a look, look at the taste of the eyes. Ye Su is very annoying that kind of eyes, he knew that man is a practitioner, so the soul of the past. Let him unexpected things happened, Ye Su s gods pressure as if mud cattle into the sea This situation is only two kinds of explanation, or black robe repair is already high to no side, or he did not know the sea. But as long as people are aware of the sea Ye Su s offer also let Wang Jibing and Wei Shen medical more than one, two today are nothing to buy. To their level, there is nothing attractive, very few very little. I am out of 1.3 million. Heipao people continue to increase the price, the audience on his race and Ye Su. 1.5 million. fidget cube slategray Ye Su fidget cube slategray now has 20 million assets, only one hundred thousand area is drizzle, so the offer is also very casual. He slowly liked this feeling. 2 million. Heipao people directly added fidget cube slategray fidget cube palegodenrod 50 million, also shows his heart must be. All the audience are dumbfounded, they do not know what, people grab the jealousy. Is not it a rag 3.2 million, but also please the beauty of adults. Ye Su shouted for a while to come to such a sentence, if you have been shouting down he will be high to even their own distressed. 3.5 million, competition only, does not matter to give, by virtue of the ability. Heipao Ren said. I have 4 million, and you slowly consume. Ye Su sighed, he has now been painful, and this is 4 million, not 400 ah Young people, to respect the old ah 4.4 million Heipao people sneered. Respect for the old age, not only respect the old do not love the young, or you let one step 4.7 million Ye Su looked at the free and easy in the blood. Respect for old and young, 5 million. Heipao people do not let one step. Not only the fidget cube slategray audience dumbfounded, the auctioneer also dumbfounded, if you do not know that they are both child care, in acting it To this point, Ye Su is also. only can not be, if you spend tens of millions to buy this picture, I do not know worth it What kind of prank how to do it I ll have nothing to say if you want to go up again. Ye Su sighed and said a shocking figure, 7 million No one thought, a starting from 500,000.

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