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Fidget Cube Rose thing, and let the time have to go to her house The Lobular, tonight to live in the aunt side, if there is nothing or good care about the future. Liu Ma see Wei Rongrong invited Yusu to her home, quickly said. Poor world parents heart, for her daughter, she also refused to take those. Do not worry, Mr. Liu has no harm, as long as a good accomplishment, and ordinary fidget cube rose people the same. Her heart Ye Hao, but this time can not be too excited, after a period of time on the taboo. Said. Really thank you so much, if you have any request, although the proposed, as long as you can do even on the knife under the sea of fire I also fidget cube rose give you to do. Liu said. Ye Su pondered a moment, eyebrows a pick, said What do you really want to do Yes. Do you want to give Liu Bi ti teacher to me The words of the parents of the matchmaker, she can not do the Lord. This is going to be long. Ye Su refused to Liu mother accommodation recommendations, and did not go home with Wei Rongrong see health doctor. Since it is necessary to pick a formal time, it is too late. Such a downtown leaves too lazy to rent back the rent of the house, went directly to the mountain fidget cube rose after the practice, so that the fox to see him to meet him suddenly came up, but also feel too warm, let Ye Su see their own, they stop under. Who is the element of the gold Dan you still keep Yexu think of a problem. Linghu little demon nodded his head, took out from the pocket, open the jade box after the bamboo house was illuminated as bright as the day. You took it, as soon as possible to build a base more self protection of the power. Ye Su said that he always felt Shanhai City, the recent peace is not the last time Zheng Qiao find him by chance. Linghu demon looked at the saver and think of the master to make the fox, thinking she was still suffering in the green city, tears almost fell down. You pay so much for this Jindian, only to be converted into strength is worth. Ye Su patted her shoulder, comfort the next. Linghu demon think fidget cube lime Ye fidget cube snow Su said last time, until he built the base after the order of how much the number of immortality, then rest assured that the decision to fidget cube antsy break through tonight. Before she has touched the threshold to build the base, only the door, pierce that layer of window paper. Chapter 055 misunderstood Ye Su gave a Yuanyang fidget cube rose Dan, so that Linghu demon first service, fidget cube lightslategray and threw her a product in the Lingshi, with these people plus gold, should be almost the same. Linghu demon too.

rs can only be delayed to tomorrow. Ye Su did not put things on Dong Jia Li home move, he also plans to live there for some time At least have to wait until the end of the college entrance examination. The next day, Ye Su and a group of people to buy a car, and ultimately spent a morning to buy a hundred million of the BMW, be mid range car. Boss, this car and your worth does not match ah Let me open a few days Big fat to see the new car Suzuo some hands itch. Ye Su think about it, his card there are nearly 20 million, but after the Royal Sword must use the car is not much place, at best only deceive the eyes and ears, so there is no need to pay attention. Less nonsense, and I go to work in the afternoon for moving to move finished. fidget cube demo Ye Su launched a car with a dust, stood a large fat such free labor, do not have to use white. At night, Venus Hill and Ye Qianwen in the new home prepared a large table of vegetables, hard to pull fat to eat, Ye Su nodded, big fat also sat down. Boss, you have so much money on hand, how to spend Big fat see the atmosphere is not warm, habitual gag. There is no specific plan, hey, money is also more trouble. Ye Su sighed, looks like extremely troubled. Big fat would like to pat the chest said to me, to ensure that one day spent, left a minute is not the ability. Two days of time flashed, the new week is the last week of May, which means that the college entrance examination is a step closer. Ye Su no matter how hard others work, still maintain their own rhythm, the class teacher Zhao Dabao several times to see him messed up the book, want to persuade the persuasion, the results are given up. Ye Su has the first class, but also ask him how Chapter 074 Dong Fu Time goes for a long time, leaves the Soviet Union logical breakthrough to the middle of the building base, Linghu demon feel the pressure, vowed to catch up, the results did not a few days she broke through. At this time the two are outside to eat, casually chat fidget cube rose a few words after the Soviet Union asked his doubts. I thought in advance that Shanhai City suddenly so many practitioners, is to the four seas auction house that grand auction, but things have passed so many days, why the number did not decrease, but there is an increasing trend Ye Su Asked. I do not know this, maybe Zheng Qiao can tell you the answer. Linghu demon brow micro Organization, before Zheng Qiao also invited her to join the Union of protesters, she politely refused. A leagu.ater and water a few days, the body as muddy tires, motionless, in order to break the opportunity. The whole poly ring array as a big names, buckle in the three head. Because the repair for the different, each person to fidget cube rose fidget cube dimensions fidget cube rose absorb the aura of the speed is also different, the external performance is the body around the Reiki whirlpool size varies. Ye Su s largest, Linghu little demon followed, so that the minimum fox. This balance has been maintained for a long time, and this moment has been broken. Ye Su s body as a bottomless hole, the other two difficult to grab Aura, simply from the set out. But they did not dare to do fidget cube rose fidget cube grey anything, as if to move about, Ye Su will be awakened from the same breakthrough. After half an hour, this situation has not changed the slightest, Ye Su s face but some pain, his meridians are filled with aura, and some pain. And only he can tolerate, for ordinary people, long burst and died. Finally, when the Reiki can no longer be injected into a trace of time, Ye Su Dan Tian suddenly fried, and the original fist as large as the liquid ball condensed into a large solid fidget cube rose thumb. Ye Su know that this is a successful Dan, not help some ecstasy, feeling like a dream. So cool, this feeling. Ye Su ha ha smile, legs like a frog as a force, the body as the arrows as the same shot into the air, to reach the highest point after the Soviet Union waiting for landing, but found that they do not know what When he was able to stop in the air, he was ecstatic again, the space law was finally he mastered, and later can leave Feijian, flesh flying. Yusu emotions an excitement, then out of the kind of empty state, the body fell like fidget cube rose a stone down. He hurriedly quickly resorted to Feijian, dangerous and dangerous to catch their own. You are very good. Let Hu Jin can not help but boast one, any who saw an 18 year old boy, all the way to the same rocket rose to the end of Dan, will be issued such a feeling. She was calm, and if some of the big door to know, will certainly live and work income door. To know that in this era of the law, not to mention the younger generation, even the mainstay, but also to build the base period, knot Dan is only rare, there is such a repair, Ye Su, you are awesome. Linghu demon eyes squinting like crescent, habitual tired over Ye Su body. After a few seconds to react over the master in the side, could not help looking for a red, looked at the same cynical Ye Su, and secretly looked to see the fox. If you.

Fidget Cube Rose , exhaled the heat to her ears itch, and soon on the red. Chapter 123 plays How do you so suddenly say Linghu demon head buried in the Soviet Union chestnut chest, like an ostrich, no longer lift up. Fool, you are my people sooner or later, afraid of what Ye Su laughed. But but Linghu demon, but for a long time, but did not say anything. Ye Su and other impatient, all of a sudden to let the fox demon hold up, walked to the fidget cube rose room. Linghu demon a heart are jumping to the throat eyes, those who watch the little fox seeing are shy from the room jumped out, hiding in the door eavesdropping. Ye Su smiled, readily on the layout of a matrix method, which erupted inside the trouble and then no big fear. Ye Su know Linghu demon is an easy shy girl, swept away the soul will find someone eavesdropping, more let go. The little foxes listened for a moment, and they could not hear anything. Room, Ye Su will be the arms of the children to the big bed to fling, Linghu witch suddenly issued a Jiao Yin, this pair fidget cube palegreen of appearance is to make a sudden increase in the Soviet Union, can not wait for the immediate solution, good comfort She was some. Ye Su then climbed the bed, Linghu witch suddenly confined eyes, his hands tightly clinging to the bedding, the body stiff like a stone. Ye Su did not think Linghu demon so nervous, but also some in the heart could not bear, the reason why he made this request, fidget cube rose on the one hand really like fidget cube darkorchid her, on the other hand, Ye Su s repair to want to quickly and sophisticated must be under the strong medicine , And now placed in front of him blindly medicine, that is Shuangxiu. Since the battle with the road, Ye Su all the pride were thrown away by him, pole Road in the late Yuan Ying was weak, and he did not fidget cube rose use any shot at the beginning, or Ye Su has long died several times The. A pole is so difficult to deal with, Ye Su can imagine how the prison will be serious Qin City, even if the sun god monk is not for the past to repair the Soviet Union, even the door can not find. Ye Su after the trip to the Longhu Mountain trip, one and Yuyang Zi Yuzhen two people Syria old, learn about art. And come to inquire about the good town of Qiongsi prison prison thing. If possible, Ye Suning would sell them a favor, but also to save his father. As for the way, you can go with him to rob the fidget cube violetred prison, or use the relationship from the deal. Linghu demon aware of Ye Su has been no movement, puzzled to open his eyes, but.

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