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Fidget Cube Mediumturquoise no doubt, he is now a kind of inexplicable trust in the Soviet Union. This is not how the prescription Liu Bi tie patted the table, her happiness is tied to this piece of paper, seeing hope that naturally will not easily give up. Man also argued that this time an old man down from the second floor, see the noisy picture frowned and asked how is it Folks tell the truth, the old man took the prescription, a rough fidget cube mediumturquoise look at the moment, just want to conclude the conclusion and received back, carefully looked carefully, more and more surprised. The little girl, where is your prescription from The old man kindly asked, eyes with a hint of urgency. Is a friend wrote to me. Liu Bishu naturally sorry that Ye Su is her student. Oh, how old is he Asked the old man. What do you ask so carefully What is the attempt Liu Bishu was annoying, fidget cube official video but still said, He is only seventeen eight years old, in the mountains and the sea in a study only. The old man again Oh, if Ye Su is very old that there must be a problem in the middle, it fidget cube mediumturquoise is now proved that the prescription is only from the hands of a teenager, presumably where he copied from the fidget cube ratings recipe, not surprising. Prescription in the taste of several drugs have long been no, and even have not been able to confirm, but appeared in ancient books. This prescription can let us copy a copy The old man smiled and asked. Liu Bishu answered, the old man quickly copied a copy, and then hurried out to go away, he wanted to go to find a master of psychiatry some. Hey, you this person Liu Bishu some silent, watching the man tugs her gas whirring holding the prescription back. On the other side, the old man got into the taxi and hurriedly rushed to a villa, the hospital a white beard old man. in the watering. The old man watched over seventy years old, but still very spirit. If Ye Su here must be found that the old man had appeared in the home of Wang Meng, Wang Jilian also received hospitality. De Gang, how many times for you to teach you Failing to panic, fidget cube features why do you study will not Wei Shenji put down the kettle, fidget cube mediumturquoise the number of some. Called the old man just rub the forehead of the sweat, I thought I was the fidget cube mediumturquoise temper, and sometimes can not change. He ridiculed, and then offer a treasure that goes out of the prescription, handed the hands of the god doctor. What is this Wei physician holding the pre.

istrict long. Sun fidget cube bisque darkgray District long quickly rush and then, with the eyes of doubt looked Ye Su. Do not worry, even if you eat, you can not die, this is the antidote. Ye Su finished carrying a big box upstairs, and Sun long until you can not see Ye Su dare to turn around. He sniffed his looks pungent pills, I do not know is the psychological effect or indeed miraculous, his physical discomfort immediately disappeared. He knew that Ye Su would not play him, and he would be in his mouth. You go out to do what He Fen see Yusu door quickly asked, where she and Ye Su familiar, but he did not see the moment feel tough. Until then she fidget cube lightsalmon fidget cube mediumturquoise saw the hands of the Soviet Union in the password box, asked What is the money inside you rob the bank Ye Su Chong she laughed, into fidget cube mediumturquoise the room, the box casually fling to the bed, and then began to surf the Internet. He Fen fang toss for a while, the password box opened, she saw her husband ignored her own open, and suddenly was that box of money Yao spent eyes. Millions of millions have seen her, but after all, is the number, how can this shock He Fenfang took out a stack, know that this is ten thousand, do not look at the number of only to see the thickness. She counted a few times, a full fifty dozen, which is five hundred thousand ah You really rob the bank He Fenfang rushed to Yusu side, see him laugh without explanation, then hard to shake him, Ye Su shake the body to be broken, and put her into his arms The He Fenfang exclaimed, watching Ye Su in close proximity to the eyes, suddenly rapid heartbeat, as if back to seventeen eight years fidget cube white old. She shook her eyelashes and closed her eyes. Kiss her Down her Ye Su mind seems to have a voice in the non stop instigation. She felt the fiery arms. no longer could not help, facing the fragrance of the fidget cube mediumturquoise fragrance of the petals of the pet up. Ye Su kiss for a while some funny, he did not expect He Fenfang actually no experience, not as good as the little girl, only know to bear. Ye Su grin a cry, the top of her mouth, hard to suck a few mouthfuls. He Fenfang body startled, stiff a bit, and fidget cube deepskyblue then soft down. She had never had this fidget cube sienna feeling, as if the soul had to fly out the same. Ye Su kissed for a while to let her, he was afraid of causing the fire tonight and very tough. But Ho Fen first taste of forbidden fruit, where willing to loose, sitting on the.she must blame some. Ye Su get off after the door to see the Wang Meng, and her side of the girl. If the girl is not standing on the side of Wang Meng can also be called on the beauty, but such a comparison fidget cube mediumturquoise will be mediocre a lot. Wang Jing in the Soviet Union looked when Wang Jing also see him. At first glance feel very general, do not understand how Wang Meng will pick such a boy, but carefully read the eyes after the discovery of leaf Su is very resistant to see, and more and more look better, that his body a kind of unique temperament, Person s sense of security. But wait until Wang Jing to see the Soviet Union side of the Linghu demon, and the two fidget cube mediumturquoise also holding hands when the furious, and Wang Meng was actually a small three fidget cube mediumturquoise She weirdly looked around the companion one and found her eyes only Ye Su, but also faintly ordered the fox demon nodded fidget cube darkslategray his head, that is not angry. Wang Jing feel some of his head is not enough, then Wang Meng has come forward, gently said You come Yeah, come. Ye Su laughed, very charming. We have not eat We first go to eat, the morning should be able to handle these things. Wang said. Although a few months gone, but there is not much between the two barriers. Well, to taste the Yenching University canteen, do not know not support people. Yusu finished with Wang Meng went forward. Until this time, Wang Jing was found where wrong, Ye Su actually no luggage, is it rich fidget cube mediumturquoise second generation He thinks he guessed it, so look at Wang Meng s eyes will be some weird. Ye Su is very rich, but not rich second generation, and Wang Meng than Su Su more money, if Wang Jing until these do not know how to feel Yanjing University cafeteria from the school gate there is a distance, along the way Su Su pedestrian also attracted enough eyes, a man and three women, women s top of a beautiful, men are not bad, four people walking on the road, in front of Pedestrians subconsciously by their gas field was shocked, let the road, until they go also turned to see glances. Four people came to the canteen after some soy milk, dumplings and fritters like breakfast, Ye Su as a man, naturally bear the burden of breakfast. Wang. Jing saw the leaves of these things back, the hearts of high rich image collapse. If Ye Su fidget cube mediumturquoise really rich, will look at these Women s belly is relatively small, most of the things into the leaves.

Fidget Cube Mediumturquoise amily is only a drop of a hair, and Ye Su if you want to make money, then sell a few Immortality is another 20 million, so the money for him is really outside the thing. This time there is no long eyed young people come to disturb the two, so eat more than half an hour later Suzu is full of alcohol, and Linghu demon has been cheeks reddish. Ye Su blankly holding a chin looked at her, if not want to go to Longhu Mountain trip, he could not wait to stay with her forever. Linghu demon had also beautiful, any girl who want to be loved into the eyes, but until you see the eyes of the Soviet Union after her some uneasy, asked how the sentence I may have to leave for two days, go to the dragon and tiger mountain, find that Niu nose groaning something, you can see me on 6 sided fidget cube with case Tuesday. Ye Su do not know this time there will be no danger, so naturally not with the order Fox demon, and she is now a breakthrough to the early Yuan Ying, just to take care of the family, so he went out at ease. Hey, how much do I think, you think the earth is gone, you do not turn I do not fidget cube mediumturquoise have you can live well, and it s just two days apart. Said, only Ye Su know that she did not want him to have pressure, do not want to be their own fetters. Ye Su clutching Linghu demon s hand, lovingly looked for a while, find how to look tired. But long pain as short pain, looked for a while, Ye Su let go of her hand directly to the front desk checkout, and then did not return to the head back. Linghu demon until they can not see his back before the face of a collapse, dejected, some young people come to strike up a few young people have been her hoo away. Ye Su left the restaurant after the dark came directly into the escape light flew to the air, not far away in a drunk spit just after seeing this road Changhong, rubbed his eyes, and finally concluded that his eyes spent. Yanjing City from the Longhu Mountain than Dongwu City is also near, Ye Su now broke through the late Yuan Ying, so o. nly two or three hours arrived at the ancestral school is to teach. And the Qingcheng school compared to this is a Taoist temple more humble atmosphere, now is the evening, but the mountain is still coming and going. For these super factions, the tourism industry is also a fortune can not be ignored. In order to show respect, Ye Su in the gate to stop the flight, to walk. A.

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