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Fidget Cube Golenrod did not think that the two students like that would be able to finish a decent deal. Ye Su faint smile saw the identification of a teacher, drank a tea, after all, he is the customer, where can not get rid of the customer is God of this law. Dong Jiali some sit still, shake the leaves of the Soviet Union, which is still the old god in the tea, as if the ten dollars a bag of coarse tea is what peerless treasures. Identification of the teacher to help a bit of glasses, once again surprised to see Ye Su one, cough a cry, and then asked What do you want to sell Snapped, Ye Su from the bag out of that piece of Biao brother s gold fidget cube golenrod necklace, thrown on the table. Identification of some unhappy stare Ye Su a glance, just want to say blame the eyes of the professional sweep to the fingers of the thick gold necklace, this look suddenly shocked out loud. This chain is very familiar The expert took the chain over and over again to see, because it is not easy to break, so he does not need to wear tweezers so gloomy. Apprentice saw half a minute, always can not remember where to see, then casually asked This chain is how you come from Do not you even forget this rule Ye Su Lengheng soon, identification division this wake up, can not ask customer information. He saw Ye Su young, so there is no too mind. Identification of the cliffs of the Soviet Union apologetic smile, to see Ye Su cold frosty face suddenly burst of flash in the mind, he thought of where to see this gold necklace, and suddenly cold sweat. The appraiser remembered that there was a middle aged man who had been the gold necklace and then rushed back the next day. He took the money to redeem the time full of blood, looks ferocious terror, the expert later learned that the man was actually a gang of the deputy, the hands of a lot of human life Gang is the second leading forces in the darkness of Shanhai City, the name is called gangs. In addition to several major organizations of the branch, the gang can be said to be a snake, the general large enterprises are dodging it, and sometimes money will be disaster. What is the origin of this young man How will take the gangsters like life gold necklace to pawn Although these problem experts do not know, but without prejudice to his attitude towards change. Apprentice to see the leaves of the tea less half, quickly holding the teapot to fill the full. Dong Jiali see the identification of teachers before the fidget cube india online arrogant Christine, do not unde.

Ye Su will only fidget cube brown think that he is selling tea eggs, or Is the death of the sale, who did not think his position actually so high. In charge of a group will practice the hands, listening to very enjoyable. I promise you. Ye Su and Zheng Qiao shook hands, did not play those who test the strength of the big trick. Hope to be able to cooperate after the happy. Zheng Qiao Ye Su was such a big help is very happy. He made a black token from his pocket and handed it to Ye Su. What is this Ye Su took over positive and negative look, the token is wood, very heavy, painted above a lifelike dragon, like living the same. In addition to this dragon, there is a number above, it is 13. This is a black wood token, but also your identity symbol. Zheng Qiao a simple explanation. So there is a higher quality of a symbol of a higher position Yusu reaction very fast. Yes, the black wood above the bronze, silver, gold three, this is the most common. Zheng Qiao see Ye Su fidget cube purple heard his words to the token to the pants in a random insert, and then said, I believe you It s time for me to tell you and hope that you can give me a surprise. And chatted a few words later, the two separate, Ye Su simply do not go home, and went directly to the mountain. Chapter 046 yin and yang to pay Thai Ye Su into the ban after the bamboo house, not into the wrinkled under the brow, because he smell the rich smell of blood, do not that white fox happened accident Ye Su a dodge into the bamboo house, the moonlight lit the house, Ye Su a look is raspberry, because the house lying on a naked woman. He already knew that the buy fidget cube desk toy white fox can be shaped, the last time did not have time to see her face. Ye Su went to the woman in front, squatted down, did not look to her secret place to see. He turned her over and saw the face suddenly screamed Linghu demon What is the ghost called I have not dead you are roared dead. Linghu demon hand pushed Ye Su about. She was confused state, the body did not have the strength, the push leaves the Soviet Union does not move, but rather in the flirting. Ye Su s brains turn very fast, all of a sudden all the things are in series up. Why the first time to see Linghu demon feel very cordial, why in the top of the mountain she looked at her eyes wrong Ye Su hate hate yourself is a fool, so something can not guess. But now the most important thing is to save her, presumably the last time she and Yan Road on the old injury after the injury and add a new injury., is still sleeping. Wang Meng opened the quilt, appreciate some of the Soviet Union s sleeping position, fidget cube kickstarter purchase found that he only wore a panties, some shame. But her hand touched up, Ye Su body a tight, Wang Meng thought he fidget cube black and red woke up, whispered soon as. After a while, Wang Meng found Ye Su continued to whirring sleep, and touched up. Ye Su sleep habits tummy to sleep, so Wang Meng touched his hips. Wang Meng remembered last night Yuesu towel slide picture, secretly laughed, his face more red. Wang Meng not only trampled, but also tried the flexibility, enough of this into the bathroom wash fidget cube golenrod Su. Ye Su laughed, do not know she has this side. Lazy, since the wake up early on it Wang Meng did not know before the Soviet Union was installed in the sleep, in order to cover up what smiled and said. What is the plan today Ye Su asked casually, the hearts of a sudden absurd sense, just sleep together for a night, but also nothing happened, fidget cube golenrod he and Wang Meng between the gap disappeared without a trace, and there are The taste of the old lady wife. Wang Meng may also have this feeling, his face red and red, biting his fingers and said Do we go to climbing cubix amazon fidget cube golenrod it I have not been to a long time outdoor sports. But it may be raining today, climbing is not a good choice. Ye Su said. Wang Meng laughed, opened the curtains, the sun hanging, according to the people warm. Wang Meng do not say anything, just look at Ye Su. Ye Su does not explain, so as to be as a god stick. He said that naturally have his truth. Ye Su turned over, from tummy to lying down, and then hand a fidget cube golenrod soft and mattress sat up. Wang Meng just back, spit a mouthful, she saw the leaves of the Soviet Union crotch exception. Do not you have physical hygiene This is a normal phenomenon of men. Ye Su wrote her at a glance into the bathroom. Wang Meng found himself before adding the number of blues are not more than two days, this time the servant has done a good breakfast, Wang Meng follow the scent on the downstairs. Ye Su today is not wearing their own old clothes, but Wang Jibing sent early to buy, his own temperament is very unique, put on this British England suddenly as the prince. Not only servants look to stay, Wang Meng also look at the stay, Wang Jibing also look at fidget cube golenrod the blank, his hand directly fell down the bread. This is too hard to believe it What Did you ever see handsome guy Ye Su is very fidget cube golenrod smelly threw his hair, everyone came out from the illusion. Just they automatically brought int.

Fidget Cube Golenrod u mouth dangling dagger, his hands fidget cube desk toy for adults tightly holding the puppet animal s neck, and then slowly move to its head. Puppet beast though no sanity, but still desperately shaking his head, Ye Su was almost dumped down. It is now, Ye Su seize the fleeting opportunity, his legs in the puppet animal s neck hard pedal, and then his body as a streamer as the eyes of the puppet animal. Puppet animal instinct of a migraine, Ye Su right hand to seize the mouth with the dagger, and then severely into the puppet animal s eyes, the risk of the insurance. His body to force, like sacks fell like not far away. fidget cube lightblue Wailing woo, puppet beast issued a strange call, but the fidget cubefidget cube antsy labs amazon also seems to be in pain, and then before the knee knees, the body hit the brick, dust flying, then turned into a spot disappeared without a trace. Ye Su and turned to see and found a pillar with the disappearance fidget cube golenrod of the puppet beast disappeared together, as never appeared the same. At this time, Linghu demon and her puppet beast caught a bit, grabbed a piece of me. at, her fidget cube golenrod fur and then no longer like snow, but the same as the plum, dotted with a piece of red, looking at the thrilling The Linghu demon s eyes also dim a bit, watching Ye Su exposed a miserable smile. Ye Su was rage, rushed to the Linghu demon, how he would not let her die so dead. If not because of their own, she will not chase over. Wind, Ye Su s stature, such as electricity, just grab in the puppet beast with anger when hugged the Linghu demon, but he was a puppet animal tail pumping, fidget cube golenrod one fool a good fade finally stopped The Ye Su head in a chaos, he has found a puppet animal weakness, fidget cube golenrod he is not willing to die so far, he is not willing to make the fox demon and he went to go to the spring. You recover, do not run around, I went to kill the beast. Ye Su will make fox demon on the ground, the latter eyes tearful, nodded his head, said the sentence carefully, if not hearing sensitive, Ye Su Thought it was their own illusion. go to hell Ye Su burst out loud, his palm toward the blood of the dagger in the dagger, that dagger as a spiritual like the wind about the fly back to fidget cube golenrod his hands. Da da da, Ye Su ran up like a non trained Mustang, in the fidget cube golenrod upcoming and puppet beast hit the time suddenly jumped, jumped on its back. Puppet beast sorrow soon, may also know that life soon, desperately around scurrying, the Sovie.

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