Effective Methods to Look After Your Hair Extensions

Your hair extension is a very delicate product. Before using it, you will need to find out the quality of the product to determine what all can be done with it. If the synthetic extensions are of low quality, you will not be able to use heating products like hot iron curls. Only certain categories of fiber such as ‘monofiber’ and ‘thermofiber’ can tolerate heat up to a certain degree. Also, use ‘detangling’ spray to keep them untangled. Other maintenance aspects are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Hair Extensions Have Taken the World of Hair Fashion by Storm

Curling Your Hair Extension:

You need to very careful while curling your hair extensions. Most of the extensions are straight and remain straight after washing. Therefore, you will need external help to curl your extension. Use hair-curlers (the rolling ones) for temporary curls. Dip in your hair extensions in warm water (not boiling hot) and then roll on the curlers onto the extension. If the extension is not ‘clip-in’ type, spritz the warm water on your hair. Allow the rolled extension to naturally dry and once dry remove the curlers. You will be left with curly hair extension.

Regular Wash:

If you have used hairspray or any other hair styling product wash it off at the end of the day using shampoo as well as conditioner (preferably mild). Wash the extension in cold water only. You can also purchase shampoos that are designed specifically for ‘synthetic wigs’. These products are made of similar fibers as the extensions and are effective in keeping the extensions untangled.

Work on the ‘Frizzy Ends’:

As soon as the extensions start developing ‘frizzy ends’ you will need to trim them using a sharp pair of scissors. Next, you will need to rub some amount of oil on them followed by extensive combing of these extensions. Right after let them rest for an hour and soak up the excess oil in the extension with a towel. Rinse off the product using a shampoo (preferably mild).

Determine What You Want to Do With ‘Ratty’ Hair:

Regular use of the extensions makes them appear ‘ratty’ and you need to tend to this issue before such ‘look’ becomes prominent. Either remove or renew the product. What actually happens is that the extensions have the tendency to go up towards the hair ‘shaft’ within six weeks of usage. This leads to them becoming uneven or loose. If you are a first time user of these products you may not want to keep them owing to the amount of care and maintenance required for their upkeep. You may also think otherwise but it is important to give them back to a professional hairdresser for getting them back into shape.

A Word of Caution:


  • You will need to dedicate lots of time for proper maintenance of these hair products. It is best to chalk out certain time of the day of at least thirty minutes to spend on them

  • Brush the extensions with great care and gentility to avoid breakage. The fibers of products like Brazilian hair bundles are very delicate and rough brushing can cause them to look frizzy.

  • Never use any heating product for hair styling such as hairdryer on those extensions that are 100 percent synthetic in nature.


For those extensions that are thermofiber or monofiber based, you are allowed to use electrical styling products like hairdryers, flat irons and curling tongs only within a limited temperature. You will find the temperature limit mentioned on the packaging of the product. Beyond the given temperature, the hair will tend to melt which will land you up in a total mess. Therefore, take full care of your hair accessory to increase its longevity.

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