How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is probably the most vital and meaningful piece of jewellery that you will present to your spouse in all of your life. It is important that the ring you choose is timeless, and it will not become unstylish or outdated with time. Both women and men have very different options when it comes to choosing wedding rings, and it doesn’t matter whether their rings match or not.

Choosing The Right Rings

It is traditional that the couple chooses the rings together; therefore there is no stress between the two on choosing the right rings. When you choose rings together, the other doesn’t feel stressed about which ring their spouse in going to prefer and which ones they don’t truly care for.

Material Of The Rings

The ring’s material is a very important factor when it comes to choosing both a man and a woman’s ring. Some of the most common types of material include platinum, silver and gold; however, the rings can be made of whichever material the couple decides on. The most popular type of material is gold, and it can come in either 14, 18 or 24 karat gold. 14 karat is the most popular for a wedding ring, as it does not sacrifice the lustre and is very durable. Silver is another preferred metal because it is very inexpensive; however the metal is soft so it is much easier to scratch and damage.

Style Of The Wedding Ring

After you and your spouse have chosen the type of material that you would like to use, you then need to think about the style of wedding ring that you would like. When you are talking about style, there are many more options that you can choose from as opposed to the metals. Some of the most basic types of wedding ring styles are the comfit bands, the half-round bands and the flat bands. The half-round bands are the most common type of ring that couples choose, and it is the traditional style of wedding rings. If a woman is choosing to wear the ring that she got for engagement, she will need to choose a wedding ring style that will match with the engagement ring.

Engraved Or Not Engraved?

After the style of the ring is chosen, you are now down to the final step of choosing your wedding rings, the engraving. It is not required that couples have their rings engraved, although it is an option that they may go for. The best jewellers will need to be able to engrave anything that you would like into the rings that you have chosen. This may include symbols, numbers or letters.

You can choose whatever you would like to have engraved into the rings. This could be your names side by side, the date that you were engaged or married, or even a phrase that has a significant meaning between the two of you. Understand that your wedding ring is very important, and what you choose is what you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

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