How to Approach Women Online

Internet dating is a part of every day life in modern society. Once you try out an outstanding online dating site you’ll see how many interesting, quality single women you can find on there. However, if you are failing to get acquaint with a women whether online or in the real life, there is nothing wrong with you, odds are happening, you just need to rethink your approach to women and maybe to change the techniques.

Meeting women online is the most convenient, easy and fun way of all times. Sometimes it’s hard to say something witty to a  gorgeous women in real world and men are at a loss, but it should be much easier online, using dating chat rooms, dating services, social networks. A lot of couples are starting relationships online and then move on to the next level, off line.


Comment on something unique in her profile.

Compliment her, just as you would if you have met her in real life. Noticing something special about her is the best and the shortest way to get her attention and to engage her in a friendly conversation. You can comment anything you like in her online dating profile, this could be her photo, hobby, favorite music bands, movies, saying pretty much anything. Women love when men take some time to read their profile, it shows that he’s really interested.

Compliment her on her photo.

Women put a lot of efforts to look beautiful and sexy, and they are very happy when men notice it. Look into her eyes, her lips, her smile and say how gorgeous she is. By complimenting her looks you’ll gain her attention and melt her heart for further communication.


Use humor.

Showing that you have a good sense of humor and can laugh at yourself or that you can make her laugh will be your winning ticket. Women like men who can turn any misunderstanding or awkward situation to a laugh. If she’ll feel comfortable and easy with you online then she might want to give you a chance and to know you better off line.


Use an unusual subject line.

Women like an unusual approach especially in dating and online dating. You won’t surprise anyone by sending a general boring message such as “Hi” or “Hey there”, use creativity and make up something more personal more interesting i.e. “Hello pretty lady, how is life?”,


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